Alley Oop-007 - Spect Eyewear

Alley Oop 007

Protection Style
Front colour:
Matt Dark Blue (integrated Outrigger)
Lens colour:
Red Snow
Headband colour:
99- 135
€ 110.00 *
*Recommended Retail Price
Available in 6 color variations


Custom made

Ventilation system with Red Bull SPECT branding.

Special lens system

With anti-fogging and anti-scratch technology.


This goggle has been developed to fulfill the needs of true sport lovers.

  • Lightweight yet stable frame.
  • Comfort and extended wearability through triple layer face foam.
  • Headband with additional silicone lining for extra grip.
  • Unique Red Bull SPECT branded ventilation system.
  • Universal all helmet fit.
  • Spherical lens with anti-scratch technology.
  • Additional inside lens with anti-fogging effect.
  • UV protection.
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