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Michael Pachleitner Group GmbH


Registered Office: Graz

Business Address: Liebenauer Tangente 4, 8041 Graz

T: +43 517 20 1000



Registration number: 389095z (Regional Court for Civil Matters Graz)

UID: ATU67567359

Member of the Chamber of WKO Graz

Competent authorities: Magistrat Graz

Applicable provisions: Austrian Commercial Code,

Purpose of Business: design and distribution of optical products


1. Our corporate philosophy is focused on an honest, fair, sustainable and satisfying business development together with our customers, suppliers and partners. We feel committed to fair action towards the state and towards society.

2. Our customer philosophy means that we are a reliable systems partner in the business-to-business field. We are here to help build up and expand the success of our customers in the relevant business segments.

3. In our staff philosophy we believe in soft skills as factors of success for innovation and growth. We tend to value traits of character more highly than professional qualifications. We treat each other respectfully, build on mutual relationships of trust while relying on working modes with a focus on performance.

4. Our services philosophy shows that the service we provide is the key for customer satisfaction and a shared added value. The high quality of our services is meant to make us unique and is one component in our striving for innovation.

Our employees are the greatest asset of our group. In a time that is characterized by a fast moving world, we believe in long term relationships with our customers and suppliers, as well as people. Our employees are the key success factor to this. They work with and for our customers on new designs in the field of frames and in the making of innovative new features to the spectacle lens industry.

In addition, the selling of our products and the consulting of our customers require commitment, special knowledge and correspondingly trained employees. Therefore, we count on long-term relationships and provide our employees with safe, challenging and varied jobs in an international environment.


The foundation of our operating structure is a productive corporate culture in which our employees can proudly identify with their company. Passion and motivation are crucial to our continuous success. We regard our employees as partners and as well as promoters of our success.

How to remain independent in the long run.

The Michael Pachleitner Group with its registered office in Graz/Austria and international branch offices has been committed to the design, production and distribution of optical goods for precisely 50 years now. Although the group has gained an international reputation, serving a wide range of business areas, it is still in a position to act in a fully independent and flexible manner. Its secret? The group is still run by its owner, which makes it answerable only to his own conscience and to the group’s customers.

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