Red Bull x SPECT Eyewear

n 2016, global player Red Bull and long-established eyewear company Michael Pachleitner Group joined forces to create functional premium sports eyewear. 
 Red Bull Spect Eyewear
Red Bull Spect Fitness


The Red Bull SPECT collection is developed in collaboration between both partners. SPECT Eyewear and Red Bull combine years of experience in product development, design and manufacturing with the requirements of top sports athletes.


All of our products are equipped with unique functions. Our patented Dual Temple System combines two temple elements in one frame. By moving a small slider with one finger, a second hidden metal wire extends out and wraps around the ear. For best grip during high-movement sports activities.

Red Bull Spect Dual Temple System
Red Bull Spect Ultra Flexible

ULTRA-FLEXIBLE SUNGLASSES                                                          

Our ultra-flexible frames are made for extreme situations. Due to innovative material, the flexible sunglasses return to their original shape even after extreme bending. For any condition where robustness is required. 

Red Bull Athletes

Red Bull SPECT is designed to spur our athletes on to top performances. Exceptional athletes like the Red Bull Skydive Team trust our eyewear and put it to the test on a daily basis.   

Red Bull Skydive Team wearing Red Bull Spect Eyewear products



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